a soldier


I jumped into the tube carriage this morning and I saw a young man sitting in full US Army uniform, with a bag of coke sticking out of his backpack. He was like an alien as everyone was staring at him. It was difficult to guess his face expression. He didn’t seem to be happy but he wasn’t sad either. A proper stone face. Was he going to the airport to catch a flight to Iraq, after a long goodbye with his wife and a child? Now he is sitting on the tube surrounded by people that are going to their offices, carrying leather briefcases. Soon he will be surrounded by camouflage-patterned heroes. Is he going there with a hope or with fear in his eyes? Will he survive or sacrifice his life in order to win somebody’s war? One thought started rumbling in my head: perhaps he is on his way to the paintball field..?



One response to “a soldier

  1. Ow this is what I teach! Land Nav, using maps and compass.

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