I saved a fly. It was fighting for life in a sticky spiderweb, buzzing, calling for help. I pulled it out of the web gently and moved to a safe place. It was dizzy and confused. In the meantime the hungry spider came back and started looking for its lunch, without success.
The fly could hardly move as the fatal glue covered its legs. I tried to remove it with tweezers but it didn’t work. The fly, trying to release itself, was wrestling with death and lost the fight. Finally it died, probably in bigger pain than it would experience in the spiderweb.
I thought I saved a fly. I shouldn’t have interfered with nature.



2 responses to “spiderweb

  1. I was really confused as a child how the people who document wildlife leave a lion to attack a weaker and harmless animal. It took me years to accept that you mustn’t interfere with nature and of course there is no good or bad animals there is just an inner need for survival.

  2. It is really difficult to understand it as this is so unfair that nature is so cruel.

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