Some people are like chameleons. They change their personality and behaviour depending on a person they share their time with. They have lost themselves trying to adapt to the surroundings and please everyone around. What is their real face? Do they still have it?




2 responses to “chameleons

  1. This is a very good observation. Many people do seem to change how they act based on the people that they are around. A reason for this could be that there are people who try to find justice and truth and then there are people who strive to keep harmony in all situations. Finding truth and justice often times can lead to conflict and this leads to a feeling that some find very hard to deal with. Many will look at these people as fake but disharmony can create a huge feeling of crawling anxiety for these people who have a legitimate need for harmony. While it may seem that this is a dishonest way to live, most of these people try to keep everybody happy and everything running smoothly even if it costs an inconvenience for themselves.

    These two types of people are based off of Carl Jungs theories about personalities. Specifically this is a comparison between thinkers and feelers. Your post was very short but was very powerful and that is the best way to do it. Great job!

  2. Such an impressive comment! It is five times longer than my post 😉 Made me very happy and willing to watch people more often. Thank you for your encouragement. Really appreciate!

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