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a tattoo.

A tattoo on the skin is not enough any more. It will not last. Tattoos on bones. Will last forever, even when we disappear.


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We easily forget happy things, great moments and precious people. But we always remember our disappointments, insults and people who hurt us.


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Is checking yourself out in a funeral home shop window inappropriate?


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Should vegetarians check cherries before eating them? In case there is a bug living inside..


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window stories

Fingerprints on the bus window. A hidden message for us. Trying to figure out what it says. Who was here before? Do we know them or will meet them one day? There are as many stories as fingers on the glass surface. If we could only understand them…

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an accordion master

an accordion master

When getting off the tube the music wrapped my ears gently. The owner of this tune was an elderly man in an old fashioned fabric slippers, sitting on a fisherman stool. His eyes were sad but very kind. I stopped by and put a coin in his hat lying on the ground. He smiled and I saw the explosion of sparkles in his eyes. It was the first coin he got and the day was almost over.. I visit him often and his music always put a big, soft smile on my face. One day I will learn how to play a violin so we could make trio: the accordion, violin and the city whisper.

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the mask collection

It was one of these boring days at work. Nothing happened. Really. We had to break this cold wall of boredom. An insane idea came to my mind. All we needed were old film bags, some prints, scissors, tape and a smile. We created the world of mad faces. Was pretty easy to lose our real personalities teetering between two worlds.