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a tattoo.

A tattoo on the skin is not enough any more. It will not last. Tattoos on bones. Will last forever, even when we disappear.


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Our life is a performance. We perform on the stage, being watched and changing costumes constantly. Shame that some of us have such short and dull roles to act. With no applause at the end.


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On the tube. A middle aged woman, rather unemployed and poor. With all years marked with wrinkles on her face and hands. Opposite her sitting a very smart high class woman in a similar age. Dressed up like if she was going to the opera. Carrying a magazine with wines and making marks to remember which one to try. The way the first one looks at the other you can compare to the way a
canary sitting in a cage looks at the canary flying freely outside. The
feeling of something so painfully unreachable that turns your guts upside down.


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a suit.

Man in the stylish suit on the bus. With his shirt perfectly ironed, cufflinks and shiny shoes, playing car racing game. Longing for childhood in a grown up suited world.


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Is checking yourself out in a funeral home shop window inappropriate?


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Should vegetarians check cherries before eating them? In case there is a bug living inside..


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a pawn.

Manipulated by media: raspberries are healthy, loafers are trendy, G.B. is a supermodel. Catastrophes and tragedies soaking into our lives like uninvited guests. We are just pawns is somebody’s game. Whose game is it and what will be the next move?


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