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Our life is a performance. We perform on the stage, being watched and changing costumes constantly. Shame that some of us have such short and dull roles to act. With no applause at the end.


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On the tube. A middle aged woman, rather unemployed and poor. With all years marked with wrinkles on her face and hands. Opposite her sitting a very smart high class woman in a similar age. Dressed up like if she was going to the opera. Carrying a magazine with wines and making marks to remember which one to try. The way the first one looks at the other you can compare to the way a
canary sitting in a cage looks at the canary flying freely outside. The
feeling of something so painfully unreachable that turns your guts upside down.


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We easily forget happy things, great moments and precious people. But we always remember our disappointments, insults and people who hurt us.


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the button.

Why do people think that when pushing all the time the button the lights will change faster?


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a suit.

Man in the stylish suit on the bus. With his shirt perfectly ironed, cufflinks and shiny shoes, playing car racing game. Longing for childhood in a grown up suited world.


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animals’ bible

animals' bible

Imagine animals rule the world. What would the world be like? No wars, no cruelty, no irony, no stupidity. Would they have their bible giving them directions – what should they do and what not? What would they do with people? Would they treat them the way a human treats an animal? Would they hang their heads on walls in order to look at them with pride and predominance? Would they scare and chase them in order to have fun? Would they slaughter them to feel the power? Would they..?

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